Get the essential ingredients to plan the perfect children’s party

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“Planning makes Perfect” is my party mantra. Without a plan, things are much more likely to go wrong. Organizing your plan for the game is simple. Your plan will reflect your party but it will contain these essential basic elements:

1. Who is the party for and what is the reason for the party?

This is important as it keeps the focus on what the child in the party would like, not what they would like!

2. How much will you spend at the party?

This is absolutely vital. It is very easy to spend excessively at a children’s party. Calculate your budget, then track all expenses as you go along with organizing your party.

3. How many guests will you invite?

This is an important decision, and it affects the general feeling of the party. Would your child like a big party surrounded by all his friends, or would he prefer a smaller party with his closest friends? Consider also your budget and where you will organize the party

4. Where will you celebrate the party?

If you are celebrating the party at home, think about where your guests will go for games, food, etc. If you are using an external location, be clear about the costs, deposit terms, preparation times, cleaning fees, exemptions, etc.

5. The theme of the party.

Decide your topic early as this affects many other areas. Consider your child, for example, what he likes and what he does not like, the hobbies and activities they love, or would love, to do, favorite characters and television shows.

6. Party food and drinks.

Will you make your own food? If so, look for party recipes. Decide your menu and write the shopping list. If you are thinking about catering services, ask friends and family for recommendations and get quotes in writing. If you also attend to parents, be sure to include them in your calculations. Add additional beverage requirements.

7. Party decorations

Decide how your party is going to be themed and what decoration is needed. If you are making your own, write the list of items needed to complete your crafts, check what you need to buy and buy lower prices. If you are buying ready-made decorations, visit local stores and the Internet to find the best purchases.

8. Party games

Write the list of party games, the necessary materials and the necessary prizes. Set an approximate time for the games.

9. Party favors

List the number of party favors you will need, then buy the best prices.

10. Party cake

If you are making your own, look for ideas in books and on the Internet. Prepare the necessary ingredients and equipment. If you buy, check your local stores and custom cake suppliers. Once you have your basic plan, you should use it. Many disasters of a party have been caused by someone writing his plan, then he keeps it in a drawer and forgets about it. Your plan is your party draft, and it should be used as your checklist, in charge of the budget and reminder.

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