Five most essential things to do well in a perfect party for children


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1. Supplies and decorations for parties made or purchased at home

Many parents in a group lose sleep over this. Does the home fact seem cheap? Does the store buy seem loose? The answer to both questions is absolute NO! What suits you and your child best is the best approach to your party. If you have the time and energy to make your own decorations, hurry up as it is really fun and extremely rewarding. For many of us, time is a real problem and the fantastic variety of ready-made party supplies is the perfect solution for the needs of our children’s party.

2. What kind of food?

Most children want holiday food that is simple and easy to eat. So mix some special foods, with the food that children love: pizza, hot dogs, macaroni and cheese and sandwiches. Use cookie cutters for themed sandwich or pizza shapes. Decorate cupcakes according to the theme of the party. Think of the names of your party’s food that are relevant to the theme of your party and add a little more fun to the party, write the names of the party on a colorful card and place these cards in front of each food item . The special party blow always falls well. Plan to have some waiting times for drinks and breaks in the bathrooms.

3. The most important birthday cake

The birthday cake is a focal point for children’s parties. Whether you do it yourself or buy it in a store or a specialized baker, it’s something that all children love. Make it relevant to the theme of the party or the age of your child. If you invite many children to the party or decide that you do not want to cut the birthday cake to give the guests to the party, complement the cake with cupcakes.

4. Party favors and loot bags: have or not have?

Kids love handbags and party favors, and most parents hate them! They can be a real area of contention for many people. Not only can they be expensive, but the expectations of some guests can be high. If you decide to distribute bags of loot, decide an expense per bag, and try to stick to this. Remember that all children love sweets and cake. The dollar store is a great source of cheap toys for party bags. Watch the bargain sale sales and buy them and keep them until your next party. Consider a lucky dip, and buy DVDs or cheap books. Wrap this up and let the party guests choose a wrapped gift, as they go as an alternative to the usual party bag; This can sometimes be cheaper and of better quality.

5. How to capture the memories of the party

Are you taking out the camcorder, the camera or both? Who will record the party or take the pictures? What particular parts of the party do you really want to capture? Plan this in advance, make sure that all batteries are fully charged and that you have enough memory or film. Assign someone to take charge of filming or taking pictures. Try to make this person a different person than the one who will organize games or serve food and drinks.

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