4 ideas for glamorous decorations for a 70’s themed Christmas party

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Flares, glitter and dubious whiskers mean the 1970s, an era of fashion and incredible music. Today, the 1970s is a popular theme for Christmas parties around the world, mainly because of outrageous fashion and music. It’s a fun themed party not only to come, but to organize as well, since you can have fun with the decorations of the party and go as crazy with them as you want.

(1) Glamorous decoration number one for the classic disco ball: it would not be a disco without it! Put them on top of the dance floor and put on your boogie while the disco ball shines and turns, an authentic 70s record that will make every guy on the dance floor comfortable! Add some at the Christmas party venue to ensure that the whole place looks as original as the dance floor. To enhance that disco feel of the 70s, use strobe lights or colorful disco lights, which when combined with fog or smoke machines create a disco from the 70’s.

(2) Extend the 70s to the dining and beverages area by adding psychedelic accessories. Lava lamps provide perfect lighting for an intimate place and, at the same time, remain true to the 1970s, and curtains with beads are added. You can corner an area to create a more intimate space in a large place. Add authentic 70s posters to this area or play classic movies, such as Saturday Night Fever will create even more of the authentic atmosphere of the 70s.

(3) For an intimate beverage area, add the funky furniture of the 1970s that incorporates the initial floral power of the 1970s or the later glam-rock spatial style. It will create a perfect retro space for your guests in disguise. Stay with a single glance, otherwise, the party will end up being a bit strange.

(4) Do not be afraid of being scandalous with your decorations either. Go with gold, silver and glitter for a true look at the Christmas party of the 1970s. Add gold candles, paint decorative objects in gold and silver to add that extra brightness of the 70s. The golden decoration added with a rope red velvet (you can use a different material), reminiscent of study 54, placed in the entrance hall will add that element of exclusivity and luxury for all your guests.

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