Tips to reduce the stress of planning birthday parties

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Birthday parties are stressful. There is no way to avoid pressure, but there are ways to reduce it. Here are some excellent tips that will help you plan your child’s next party.

1. Family matter: Involve the whole family in party planning. Depending on the age of your child, he/she can be very motivated and excited to help you plan your party. After all, this party is for the children, not for the parents, so do not leave aside your most energetic assistant.

2. Location: plan ahead finding a location. If you are out of your home, be sure to find a place big enough for children and parents. Many party places are sold out months in advance, so be sure to plan ahead. If the party is outside, do not forget to establish a backup plan in case of rain.

3. Basics of the game: make sure the party is manageable. Remember that this is not a wedding, so it is not necessary to invite the entire fourth grade class; If he does, he probably regrets it. A party of an hour and a half is probably enough for most children under the age of four. Any older person may want to think in two hours.

4. Time: What time of day is best for your party? Well, that probably depends on the age of your child. For children under one to two years, morning is the best, since the baby will be more energetic. Children two to four years old are difficult as some and others are not. Your best option is to schedule a party in the afternoon or before lunch to avoid the bad times of the afternoon. Lunch time is fine for children four to ten years old who are not napping. The night parties are excellent for children over ten years.

5. Budget: decide the amount of money you want to spend at the party and then expect to spend 20% more than that. Birthday parties are not cheap, even when they are at home the expenses add up.

6. Themes: The themes of sports, dinosaurs or princesses are classic and always work. The most popular themes are available cheaply at discount or online party stores, including themed games, decorations, balloons, stickers and favors for the birthday party.

7. Active children are happy children: if you have a party in the garden, make sure you have many activities for the children. The last thing you want is for children to seek their own entertainment since it is probably not the type you recommend. The relays, the balloon launches, the bag races and the tail of the donkey never age. If you are going to have your party in a children’s gym, be sure to meet with the manager before the party to talk about the activities. Also, try to find out who will host your party to make sure they have experience and are energetic.

8. Food: the time and place of your party always dictate what you will need to serve. Of course, pizza is almost always a winner. If your party is mid-afternoon, you do not necessarily have to serve a lunch or dinner. Many parents prefer not to have their children full when they plan to have dinner with them a little later. If you serve food, do not forget to include parents. If the party is for young children, you may want to avoid anything hot, such as pizza, coffee or hot tea.

9. Birthday cake: if you have time and enjoy baking, creating your own cake is always the best way to do it. Especially if your older son wants to help. For many of the working mothers, this will almost always have to be left to the professionals. Usually, you can save money by going to your local supermarket. Ask your friends which bakeries are the best because they generally differ significantly. Do not assume that just because there is a bakery will be as good as the one next door. You will have many decoration options, so try to choose one that suits the theme. In addition, muffin cakes are usually a big hit among the little ones and do not forget the ice cream.

10. Favors of the birthday party: a great way to end your party is to give each child of the party. You can always find great favors for the children’s birthday party at the many online party sites. Your favors could be related to your theme, as for example, but it is not necessary that they be. As long as it’s nice, within your budget and you’ll put a little one in each child’s face, that’s all that matters. All children will appreciate receiving a favor and will also teach their child the proper manners by showing them the proper way to give a gift and to thank their guests for attending.

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